Really excited to be taking on the Head of Marketing role at Medbelle.  My goal?  300% growth in 12 months.  A big challenge… but doable.

Week 3 and so far

a. Have completed user personas and redone 5% of our Adwords ads based on these.  200% improvement in CTR and Keyword Quality Score up from 6 to 8.  That’s what I’m talking about!  Loving having a hypothesis, testing it, and seeing it work.  Rolling this out across all campaigns.

b. 250% increase in Organic traffic.  So much more to do here – its a huge increase from a tiny base… but the numbers are impressive.

c.  Next, a new website design, complete new functionality, new CMS etc.

d. A review of automated marketing, content, etc.

e. A PR campaign starting in July 2019.

F. A focus on getting our most important keywords to page one of Google.  A week ago our Liposuction page was not in the top 100, now it’s top 40.  Yeah baby!

Super nice company, young but very engaged team, living my best life.