I’ve come on board as interim Head of SEO at Datacamp.  I came in to do a quick Product Audit, but as timing had it, the Head of SEO at the time was on their way to a new job at Forbes… so looks like I will Datacamping for a while.

it’s an interesting role.  Rankings should/would be much higher but for some content issues which I am sorting out presently. There is so much that could done, that should be done… I will be starting with.

a. What is it, that site users are most likely to be looking for?
b. Assuming Datacamp “has it”, do they actually present in their content, their “has it ness”?
c. If not, make sure, the content is modified to ensure, people can see that indeed, Datacamp has what they are looking for.

That… and mop up the duplicate content, overlapping content, lack of structured data, dead links, thin content etc etc

A fun job, with a large, active engineering department.

Presently, they are not top 30 ranked for any of their major terms relating to learning Python, Sql, R etc.

My mission is page one within no less than 60 days, top position by year’s end.

Here we go Datacamp.