5 10, 2021

Seo and Web Development for a Melbourne Removalist

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Fun project, lots to do for this Melbourne removalist.

WordPress website was terrible.  Very slow, not very pretty.  The new design is far more memorable, plus uses SVG images drawn by the MG team which are fun, and super light.  Great Google Pagespeed scores.

Almost no content of relevance, so this is now being written.  Moving during […]

25 11, 2020

FutureLearn Careers

By |2020-11-25T17:33:41+00:00November 25th, 2020|Case Studies|Comments Off on FutureLearn Careers

I’ve been working on a new website whose focus is to help people find a career that matches their skills, attributes, interests and personality. Beta launch today, with 30 or so popular careers, but with many more to come.

Currently, I am building a scoring system that will allow people to answer a few questions about […]

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