11 08, 2020

Check your backlinks, are actually backlinks

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When I first started doing SEO back in 1999 (Yep) SEO people quickly realised links were important.  In those days it was the wild wild west of link building.  Link buying, exchanges, hidden links.  Links in footers from web developers, links in widgets.  Just about everything worked.  Google was not really checking whether links were […]

4 05, 2020

Website speed is important! Just not why you think!

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I am so relieved to finally see this confirmed.  https://www.seroundtable.com/google-site-speed-small-ranking-factor-29368.html.  I and many other SEO experts have been aware of this for years whilst others claimed fastest possible site speed was mission-critical for SEO.  It’s just not true.  Not borne out by the evidence at all.

See for yourself.

  • Check the pagespeed of the […]
27 04, 2020

When after Covi19 should SEO restart?

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I’ve held off writing this article as it would have been tone-deaf to be writing about SEO when many businesses were wrestling with existential challenges. But now I find myself with many clients and associates asking me: “Hey Rich, when should my company restart its SEO Marketing?”

There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

First of all, let’s assume […]