Back-links and rankings were once almost able to be linearly graphed.  The more back-links your website had, the more keywords your website could rank for… and the higher they would rank.  Deep-linking proved useful, anchor texts were important.  The amount of links, rather than the quality was the main factor.

Now?  Things are just as clear, just as linear, just not as simple.  The whole point of having lots of back-links being tied to rankings… was that they were a vote of confidence in the website that Google could look to.  They still are.  Its just that Google is far more able to assess the back-link mix of a website and determine the overall quality of the links.  So you need back-links, lots of them, to rank in a competitive niche… but they need to be valuable.  And diverse.

Your website only getting back-links from blogs?  That’s not a good indicator that they are honest, and genuine.

How does Deliveroo Germany stack up in the back-links department against their competitors, and

Find out in the attached video.