25 01, 2019

What does an analysis cost?

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Many factors will impact the complexity of a website marketing analysis and thus the price.   Typically website size, number of competitors and number of marketing channels to be analysed are the most important factors.  If you are interested in pricing, please fill out the enquiry form and I will provide a custom quote.


25 01, 2019

Can I see some references?

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I don’t publish my client list as that would undermine their efforts and the work I have done.  If your company is interested in my services and wants references, I can put you in touch with some clients who have booked me in the past.

Most companies I work with require anonymity, but some, including some […]

25 01, 2019

If I pay for an analysis, will you publish my video?

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No – the videos published on this site are not client videos, these are just kerbside analysis videos I made for my own interest and so others can see my process.

When I am hired to do consulting, I neither publish the resulting videos or acknowledge publicly I am working with that client without their express permission.

25 01, 2019

Are you available to do an analysis of my site?

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Yes – that’s the primary service I provide –  an analysis of your marketing strategy.  I look for problems, opportunities and do a competitor analysis.  On completion you will receive:-

a. A video similar to the one on this site.

b. A written report.

c. In some cases, a sitemap and recommended page layout changes.

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