I’ve been working on a new website whose focus is to help people find a career that matches their skills, attributes, interests and personality. Beta launch today, with 30 or so popular careers, but with many more to come.

Currently, I am building a scoring system that will allow people to answer a few questions about themselves then get some recommendations as to some careers that might suit them.

Its WordPress, but has some pretty funky, complex parts.  An API connection to an online learning platform and a backend with a career builder.

From idea to launch in 8 weeks, including all career research(skills, salaries etc), all career descriptions, design, programming, QA.  Boom.  Sure, there will be some issues… but we are now in the race, and are running.

My philosophy is it’s great to have an excellent website, but it’s excellent to have a website go live fast which you can iterate as your concept develops.

Lots to come including some super funky marketing tools my team are already building, I will update on that in a few weeks.

Future Learn Careers