I made this video in early 2018 to compare the organic marketing strategies of three large marketplaces, all operating in different niches.  Travel, Food and Product Price Comparisons.

Very different businesses, with different models, with similar challenges namely.

a. The need for high Google rankings, even though they had little control of much of the website content as it came from an API. How could the content be enriched?

b. The need for speed.  Making your website fast, when relying on 3rd party data can be a problem.

c. User experience is so important these days.  If your users can find what you provide elsewhere, in a better format, you better believe, they will soon find it and go there instead.

d. Pure SEO.  How are your links, content, onpage factors and link juice funneling?

I’ve had lots of people contact me about this video, and its a great place to start your Organic Marketing Journey