I am working with a new client helping with Organic traffic to their Productivity App.  Something near and dear to my heart as I know I am a terrible procrastinator.  In the process of creating the content, I’ve been learning a bunch of things about my own procrastinating tendancies.

a. I justify stopping what I am supposed to be doing, to do something equally important.  Regardless of that it’s not.

b. I justify taking a break to do something not on my schedule because it’s important (read up on the latest on the way in Ukraine) etc.

c. I am an adrenalin junkie.  I work best when the time is ticking down.  This is awesome as the app comes with a “time is ticking down” timer which really helps me.

d. Music if critical to my process.  I want banging trance when laying out a new page, I want light classical strings when solving a problem, I want “The Butterfly Ball” when I doing analytics.  Having an app that sets my music, to my worktype, is great.

Early days yet, lets see how things progress.

To start with, my role is content strategy, organic social, and SEO.