(Video reloaded due to sound issues with the original)

In looking at Deliveroo’s backlinks and objectively comparing them with their opposition, it became clear to me Deliveroo Germany both has LESS links than the opposition, and less DIVERSITY in their links as well.  Their back-links are mainly from restaurants, where the oppositions have restaurant back-links(more) but also back-links from the Tier 1 Press, From the startup scene, from related food marketplaces, from Food bloggers and more.  More links, and more diversity.

Deliveroo has(as of today) around half as many links as Leiferheld and a sixth as many as Lieferando… this to me wasn’t an explanation as to why they have so many fewer keywords indexed by Google, and why so few of those rank highly.

I thought…. it’s got to be a technical problem with the site.

Watch the video to see me go hunting for the problems.