Fun project, lots to do for this Melbourne removalist.

WordPress website was terrible.  Very slow, not very pretty.  The new design is far more memorable, plus uses SVG images drawn by the MG team which are fun, and super light.  Great Google Pagespeed scores.

Almost no content of relevance, so this is now being written.  Moving during Covid, Top moving tips etc.

Few links, and mainly low-quality links.  We are reaching out to publishers to come on board as their resident Removals Expert… but also building some free removal site tools.  Free to use, without a link, but of course a link back is encouraged.

Target for is, of course, Top 5 for “Removalist Melbourne”.  Presently, there are not in the top 50 which indicates a real problem.  Google really does not like this site, so we need to convince Google… the site is worthy.

Update September 2021
New Design in place.
First article published.

Update October 2021
Locations pages rolling out.
First tool about to launch, a space calculator for removalists