I get this question asked more often than any other.  Additionally, when I analyse the SEO issue of a client’s website I am often asked to provide a weighting of the problems.  What should be tackled first, what is going to have the biggest impact.

Both are fair questions and it’s true some SEO factors have more impact than others.  It’s important to have an idea as to what problems should be tackled first. But keep in mind if your website is in a super competitive niche, you aren’t going to achieve stable, top rankings unless you address all possible factors.

  • Content Quality and Quantity.
  • Links of Quality.
  • Onpage SEO.
  • Server Errors, Navigation Issues.
  • Page Rank sculpting, loss prevention & distribution.
  • Structured Markup.
  • SiteSpeed.
  • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop performance.
  • User Experience.

All of these factors are important… but most importantly, you must address them all.

In this video, I talk about how a top-ranking site (Nestpick.com) executes this scorched earth of SEO policy, whilst comparing SEO with what it takes to be an expert boulderer.

I am presenting this tomorrow to a marketing team in Berlin.